My camera enables me to artistically express my love for nature and art. Although I find great joy just being behind the lens, my heart sings when I'm able to capture the beauty and magic of nature.

I enjoy challenging myself to make pictures that look like paintings. Some of the techniques I use are long exposure, intentional camera movement and shooting through objects in the foreground. I'm visually attracted to warm light, curvy lines and water. Elements that define my style are rich color, rich tones, textures and clean backgrounds.

Exhibits include Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery, Weston Library, Art In The Pines, Miramar Library, Anne Kolb Nature Center, Flamingo Gardens 85th Anniversary Exhibit, Flamingo Gardens Aviary Exhibit, In the Eye of the Beholder at Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery, Flamingo Fest, Sunrise Center July-August 2012, Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery Surreal Exhibit, Flamingo Gardens Flamingo Fest Juried Exhibit January-February 2014, Flamingo Gardens Juried Photography Exhibition March-May 2014, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery Special Recognition Botanicals 2014, Flamingo Gardens Camera Club Exhibit December 2014, Flamingo Gardens Flamboyance of Flamingos exhibit January-March 2015, Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery Faces and Places exhibit January-March 2015, Flamingo Gardens Camera Club Exhibit December 2015-January 2016, Studio 18 "The Magic of Light" January-February 2016, Flamingo Gardens Camera Club Exhibit December 2019-January 2020, Flamingo Gardens Annual and Nature Connects exhibits March-September 2020